PlayOLG Issues

PlayOLG, the first legalized online casino available in Ontario, Canada is already having a series of issues upon its release date. The first main issue was for players trying to register an account with PlayOLG, there are geolocation issues with the casino as of right now and game errors as well. This being the first online casino of a regulated and licensed manner in Ontario, it shouldn’t be having any issues with the first week it has been available to Ontario citizens.


These problems were first reported by the Toronto City News who received a series of tweets leading them to forum posts from punters, these punters were claiming and complaining about the various issues with the casino. This caused players to have their enjoyment factor of online gambling tarnished by the number of issues plaguing this casino. Amongst the issues with a number of games not loading and geolocation issues for players in the province, there have also been issues with reaching a live chat or email support representative. Those trying to reach these representative’s stated that it would take up to an hour for them to reach someone.

The Spokesman for OLG hasn’t stated much regarding the matter, he noted that this registration process and verification process is robust. This comes off as a lazy excuse for OLG to get off with the issues right now until it is convenient for them to attend to these issues.

We will relay any new information announced or revealed regarding any of these issues being repaired within the upcoming weeks.

Intertain Group


Vera&John is considered to be an elite online casino offering some of the more memorable experiences in the gambling industry. Unfortunately Canadian Punters will no longer be able to enjoy those memorable experiences as it was revealed today that Vera&John will be leaving the Canadian Gambling Market. This decision was made after the casino was acquired by the Intertain Group, due to the Intertain Group not having a Canadian Betting License Vera&John can no longer operator in Canada.

Intertain Group

This information was revealed earlier on yesterday when Vera&John released an email amongst all of their Canadian Affiliates stating that they will no longer operate in the Canadian Betting Market and that the Affiliates players will have their accounts closed within the next two days. This means that December 16th, 2014 is the last day that Canadian players will be able to enjoy the various slots and casino games offered.

This online casino was purchased earlier on in the year by the Intertain Group, the group paid a total of $126.1 Million in order to gain the rights to Vera&John and all the platforms they’ve licensed. Apparently the casino will be shifting its focus towards the Nordic Betting Market as it has proven to be a successful market with a bright future ahead of it. The CEO of the Intertain Group believes that the diverse array of casino games offered on the casino will suit the needs of European Punters perfectly.

We shall inform you if Intertain plans on returning to the Canadian Betting Market in the future, as of right now it seems that there is no chance of them doing so.


iSoftBet Platform Added To Interwetten

Interwetten, an online gambling operator that has been operating in the online gambling industry since 1990 revealed today that their bringing a new platform to their punters. This Malta founded & licensed online casino revealed that the iSoftBet Platform will be ported over to Interwetten within the next upcoming weeks. This marks the first new platform to come to this casino in the last six months.


As a result of this new content deal Interwetten will gain access to all of the iSoftBet Titles which will then be ported over to their casino. Slots such as Basic Instinct, Toc Toc & Kobushi will be some of the few that punters will be able to experience through this new platform. Those wishing to get their hands on the iSoftBet Platform first will have to register an account with Interwetten but it should be noted that when signing up with this casino you are signing up with a veteran who knows how to take care of their punters. You just won’t have access to an array of video slots but you will also have access to sports betting, live casino games, table games & card games. The variety of gambling experience to choose from have allowed for this casino to become one of the best in the market.

Interwetten noted that they made more than $700 Million U.S. in 2013 and that by adding the iSoftBet platform they have confidence that Interwetten won’t only reach the $700 Million mark but that they’ll surpass it.

Spin Genie Casino

The Bear Group, an internet betting group which owns multiple online casinos revealed that their latest online casino has been launched today. Players can now experience a variety of different gambling platforms through Spin Genie Casino. When you first load this casino you will find a cute dog, an ocean and an island where all of the gambling activity takes place.

Spin Genie Casino

Spin Genie has launched this casino with three different platforms. The first platform is Gaming Realm and it’s the first time that “The Bear Group” has ever used this platform with one of their casinos, it offers a total of thirty slots. Players will also be able to experience the Net Entertainment Platform and the IGT Platform. As we said before The Bear Group owns multiple casinos include Castle Jackpot & Total Gold. They have plenty of experience in offering an incredible gambling experience.

For those who sign up with Spin Genie Casino they will be rewarded with a $10 Welcome Bonus for free, no deposit required. Players can also expect fast payouts through this casino, multiple security protocols have been put in place so that players can play securely, you can play through mobile devices or your computer and there is twenty four hour customer support as well.

Spin Genie Casino will surely be one of the best online casinos to launch within the last two years. You can expect great things from Spin Genie Casino in the future that is a guarantee.


Realistic Games

Realistic Games is a software developer that has recently doubled their business due to a series of new contracts they’ve made throughout the last year. This doubling in business has resulted in Realistic Games having to move their officers from Reading over to Gibraltar.


Over the course of the last year Realistic Games has signed four new contracts that has boosted their popularity by double than what it once previously was. They now offer their services to William Hill, Gaming Realms, Gala Coral and Intellectual Property & Software Limited. Realistic Games was also approved for a Remote Gambling Software Operating Licence in the United Kingdom and Gibraltar. This also helped their popularity grow over the course of the last nine months.

Andy Harris, one of the men who is responsible for Realistic Games becoming so popular said as the commercial director the following, “We have some ambitious plans for the business and felt that relocating would help to facilitate them. The new offices provide a really enjoyable and creative environment for our existing team, whilst making it easier to attract further talent to the company.”

As of right now you can experience the Realistic Games platform on either Bet365, Ladbrokes, BetVictor, William Hill, Gala Coral, Gaming Realms and Intellectual Property & Software Limited. Their platform has expanded across all regions of the online gambling market, choose anyone of these online gambling operators and you will find that you’ll have an incredible experience due to their addition of the Realistic Games Platform.


NCPB Rolls Out Evaluation

Online Gambling, Mobile Gambling and Land Based Gambling can all become a serious addiction. The thought of winning a mass amount of money can become such a serious addiction that people start showing signs of addiction. Those people won’t accept help and it could potentially destroy relationships that mean the world to that person. That’s why the National Council of Problem Gambling has entered a partnership with the GIS. The NCPB and GIS will work alongside one another to ensure that any kind of online casino isn’t supporting these addictions and that the casinos are following the laws of the Internet Standards Act.


Both of these firms will have their own equal part in operating this evaluation service. NCPB will enforce any flaws they find with these online casinos while the GIS will use mystery punters to check if these casinos are following the laws enacted by the Internet Responsible Gambling Standards Act. These mystery punters will deposit until then win, withdrawal their winnings and also contact support services to ensure that these casinos follow by these laws.

Keith Whyte, executive director of NCPG, said, “We understand that many Internet gambling operators have responsible gaming policies in place that go beyond the state regulations. They will now have the opportunity to receive an independent assessment of their responsible gaming programs compared with NCPG’s Standards. We want established operators to sign up and become trailblazers for this initiative, demonstrating just how seriously they take player protection.”


Bahamas Legalize Online Gambling

There is a very good chance that gamblers who are located in the Bahamas will have a brand new experience coming their way. The Bahamas Minister of Legal Affairs has revealed that all of the consultations regarding the matter of legalizing online gambling in their country has nearly been accomplished as of right now. This means that within the next upcoming months legalized online gambling could be a reality in the Bahamas.


The announcement of online gambling progress within the Caribbean nation was revealed by Damian Gomez, the Minster of Legal Affairs for the Bahamas. He in his press conference revealed that negotiations have almost come to a close and that the Value Added Tax wouldn’t be nearly as high as it once previously thought it would be. There are still some issues regarding the specific tax amount as of right now, the issue of online gambling won’t be introduced to the Bahamas Parliament until the matter of the taxes have been resolved.

Those online operators who are looking to offer their online gambling services within the Bahamas will be required by law to house all of their gambling operations on the island itself. Those operators will also have to pay a specific licensing fee and have a certain level of liquid capital before they can operate in the island. Operators will still jump on the chance to operate within the Bahamas as it is a thriving country where their citizens rely on tourists to get paid and thus by have deep pocketbooks due to the high traffic of tourism.


IGT Purchased By GTech

GTech Spa, an Italian gambling firm has purchased one of the largest names in land based/online based gambling. International Game Technology, formally known as IGT has been purchased by GTech for a total of $6.4 Billion. This came as a shock to industry analysts as IGT is considered to be one of the biggest names in the industry and no one thought that they would be purchased for a long period of time. GTech will now own all the rights to IGT’s video slots and casino games from here on in.


This deal will allow for IGT to gain $4.7 Billion in cash while GTech will has to absorb the $1.7 Million that IGT has is debt. Normally companies won’t purchase a big name company that has a mass amount of money is debt but the fact of the matter is that IGT’s slot machines are everywhere. You could be at a land based casino, an online casino or at an casino on a cruise ship and find their games. They are a company that is beloved by millions of gamblers all around the worth, paying for their previous debt is a logical business decision.

Patti Hart, the previous CEO for IGT said, “It is a shame that I have to leave my position at IGT. Even though I will be called in for occasional advice I will no longer be the commander and chief. None the less I plan to see IGT continue to grow as one of the best gambling developers in the world.”

ComeOn logo

ComeOn! Casino Embraces Yggdrasil Gaming

CO-Gaming, the owners of ComeOn! Casino revealed that they will be embracing the Yggdrasil Gaming Gambling Platform. This essentially means that ComeOn! Casino will have each one of the Yggdrasil Gaming casino games currently developed added onto their repertoire. Yggdrasil Gaming is still a new developer to the scene but they have quickly been gaining a mass amount of popularity. This is thanks to large brand name casinos picking up the software throughout this year. You can expect great things to come from Yggdrasil Gaming in the future, they are sure to become a serious contender to big names such as Net Entertainment and Playtech.

ComeOn logo

Yggdrasil Gaming currently only has four slots developed under their name, throughout the rest of this year they will release five more slots and then come 2015 Yggdrasil Gaming will release ten more video slots to their licensers and fans. Throughout 2014 Yggdrasil Gaming has been able to slowly gain popularity within the online gambling market, analysts believe that in 2015 they will be offering the best casino games available on the internet.

Hans Martin Nakkim, a CO-Gaming Spokesman stated the following, “We have confidence in the Yggdrasil Gaming Gambling Platform, they show incredible skill for a new developer and you can bet that they will become more popular with every month that passes us by. We look forward to working alongside those employed at Yggdrasil Gaming, together we can make an incredible gambling experience for each one of the ComeOn! Casino Punters.”

Live Nation logo

Live Nation and Betfair Team Up

Betfair, an online gambling provider famous for giving their punters some of the best gambling experiences available online revealed today that they’ve signed a deal with Live Nation. Live Nation is a US Entertainment firm located within the borders of New Jersey, they contacted Betfair in order to create a unique promotion.

Live Nation logo will now stand as the Live Nation official and exclusive online gaming partner. This means that New Jersey based Betfair punters will be able to earn special Ticketmaster or Live Nation Cash Vouchers. These vouchers in return would allow for players to purchase a ticket to a concert being held buy one of your favorite fans or you could purchase a ticket for a basketball game, soccer game, football game or more. It all depends on what you want to choose.

Don Ryan, the US Betfair Senior Vice President of Gaming took it upon himself to make a statement relating to this team up saying, “We are looking forward to working with Live Nation and Ticketmaster, they are two well known websites that allow for users to purchase tickets from their computer and print them off in a seconds notice. Using our software and special promotions we will be able to allow our punters to earn cash vouchers towards purchasing a ticket towards a football game or concert.

The rush of winning money can be an amazing thrill but seeing your favorite artist rip an outstanding guitar solo or seeing your favorite basketball player dunk a basket is a memory you’ll never forget.”