IGT Purchased By GTech

GTech Spa, an Italian gambling firm has purchased one of the largest names in land based/online based gambling. International Game Technology, formally known as IGT has been purchased by GTech for a total of $6.4 Billion. This came as a shock to industry analysts as IGT is considered to be one of the biggest names in the industry and no one thought that they would be purchased for a long period of time. GTech will now own all the rights to IGT’s video slots and casino games from here on in.


This deal will allow for IGT to gain $4.7 Billion in cash while GTech will has to absorb the $1.7 Million that IGT has is debt. Normally companies won’t purchase a big name company that has a mass amount of money is debt but the fact of the matter is that IGT’s slot machines are everywhere. You could be at a land based casino, an online casino or at an casino on a cruise ship and find their games. They are a company that is beloved by millions of gamblers all around the worth, paying for their previous debt is a logical business decision.

Patti Hart, the previous CEO for IGT said, “It is a shame that I have to leave my position at IGT. Even though I will be called in for occasional advice I will no longer be the commander and chief. None the less I plan to see IGT continue to grow as one of the best gambling developers in the world.”

ComeOn logo

ComeOn! Casino Embraces Yggdrasil Gaming

CO-Gaming, the owners of ComeOn! Casino revealed that they will be embracing the Yggdrasil Gaming Gambling Platform. This essentially means that ComeOn! Casino will have each one of the Yggdrasil Gaming casino games currently developed added onto their repertoire. Yggdrasil Gaming is still a new developer to the scene but they have quickly been gaining a mass amount of popularity. This is thanks to large brand name casinos picking up the software throughout this year. You can expect great things to come from Yggdrasil Gaming in the future, they are sure to become a serious contender to big names such as Net Entertainment and Playtech.

ComeOn logo

Yggdrasil Gaming currently only has four slots developed under their name, throughout the rest of this year they will release five more slots and then come 2015 Yggdrasil Gaming will release ten more video slots to their licensers and fans. Throughout 2014 Yggdrasil Gaming has been able to slowly gain popularity within the online gambling market, analysts believe that in 2015 they will be offering the best casino games available on the internet.

Hans Martin Nakkim, a CO-Gaming Spokesman stated the following, “We have confidence in the Yggdrasil Gaming Gambling Platform, they show incredible skill for a new developer and you can bet that they will become more popular with every month that passes us by. We look forward to working alongside those employed at Yggdrasil Gaming, together we can make an incredible gambling experience for each one of the ComeOn! Casino Punters.”

Live Nation logo

Live Nation and Betfair Team Up

Betfair, an online gambling provider famous for giving their punters some of the best gambling experiences available online revealed today that they’ve signed a deal with Live Nation. Live Nation is a US Entertainment firm located within the borders of New Jersey, they contacted Betfair in order to create a unique promotion.

Live Nation logo will now stand as the Live Nation official and exclusive online gaming partner. This means that New Jersey based Betfair punters will be able to earn special Ticketmaster or Live Nation Cash Vouchers. These vouchers in return would allow for players to purchase a ticket to a concert being held buy one of your favorite fans or you could purchase a ticket for a basketball game, soccer game, football game or more. It all depends on what you want to choose.

Don Ryan, the US Betfair Senior Vice President of Gaming took it upon himself to make a statement relating to this team up saying, “We are looking forward to working with Live Nation and Ticketmaster, they are two well known websites that allow for users to purchase tickets from their computer and print them off in a seconds notice. Using our software and special promotions we will be able to allow our punters to earn cash vouchers towards purchasing a ticket towards a football game or concert.

The rush of winning money can be an amazing thrill but seeing your favorite artist rip an outstanding guitar solo or seeing your favorite basketball player dunk a basket is a memory you’ll never forget.”

Pariplay logo

PariPlay Releasing New Slot

PariPlay is a relativity unknown software developer but one on the move. Even though they may be as established as others, they still provide an experience that can rival the competition. PariPlay announced today that they are releasing a new slot machine that is being designed around “The Three Stooges”. This information was revealed a day after PariPlay finalized a licensing deal with C3 Entertainment.

Pariplay logo

This particular Three Stooges slot will be designed around a specific three stooges short that is still famous today. That short is “Disorder In The Court”. This new slot is being designed as a 5 reel, 20 payline slot. This new game will offer free spins, scatters and two separate bonus rounds. PariPlay has openly said that they have designed this slot to be profitable for players.

Gili Lisani, the CEO of PariPlay commented on this licensing agreement to media officials saying, “The Three Stooges are still famous today, long after their deaths they have been able to inspire physical comedians and still brings laughs to an entire family. Creating a video slot based around one of their most famous shorts only makes sense. You will see Larry, Moe and Curly while playing this slot and you will also come across a variety of other things that you will recognize from the Disorder in the Court short. We look forward to developing more slot machines based around The Three Stooges in the future.”


Left 4 Dead 3 Confirmed By Valve

Left 4 Dead was the most popular zombie related video game of the last generation. Exclusive to the Xbox 360, Left 4 Dead put players in the role of one of the four characters available in the game. Each character boasts different skill sets which depending on your play style would allow for you to rank in more zombie kills or help out your fellow team mates.


One of the best things about Left 4 Dead is that you were able to play the game with three of your friends through a multiplayer mode, alongside your friends you can play through each level in the game which with the help of all of your friends would only take roughly two to three hours. Eventually players found hidden passage ways, levels and guns to help better the experience within Left 4 Dead.

Valve, the company who develops every game in the Left 4 Dead Series confirmed today that Left 4 Dead 3 is in development. Valve made a statement saying, “Left 4 Dead 3 has been in development since the second installment of the franchise was released. The first three years of development we worked on creating a new engine that would allow for the experience of Left 4 Dead 3 to be something the video game industry has never seen. During the final three years of development we worked on creating a game that was three times the size of Left 4 Dead 1 & 2.

We can’t wait to release this game in 2016 and look forward to everyone returning to the franchise.”

Bethesda Studios

Bethesda Studios Experiences Minor Fire

The main branch of Bethesda Studios in New York caught fire today causing minor damage. This fire spread through one fourth of the building, burning equipment along with it. Bethesda Studios made this announcement at a saddening press conference, noting that a large amount of files they were using for Fallout 4 has been lost in the fire. This also means that Bethesda Studios has had to delay the came by a minimum of three months to a maximum of six months, this means that the new Fallout won’t be released till the end of 2015 which saddens hundreds of gamers all around the world.

Bethesda Studios

Bethesda made this announcement at 1 o’clock this afternoon saying, “Today a fire from a local apartment building spread to our offices. None of our employees were harmed in the process which we are extremely grateful for. Unfortunately we did lose a large portion of our equipment, the entire sector being used to create Fallout 4 was burned. We were able to retrieve half of the files we have developed while the other half have now been burned. This means that we will have to put Fallout 4 on delay for roughly three to six months, essentially the game won’t be released till the 2015 Holiday Season.”

Fallout 4 is actually being developed for New York City, providing a post apocalyptic world in the most busy city in the world. You will be able to see destroyed monuments such as the Empire State Building and The Statue of Liberty.


Resogun Local Co-Op DLC

Resogun, a video game that is meant to be an homage to classic video games from the past such as “Asteroids” announced that they will be releasing downloadable content for local co-op. This means that you could be in your bedroom, load up the game and have your buddy in another room do the same thing. You will both be able to play in the same match and help one another defeat this incredibly hard game.


Those who are members of Playstation Plus which is recommended for the Playstation 4 have been able to get this downloadable content for free. The majority of users on the Playstation 4 are now Playstation Plus members which is a nice offering from Resogun developers and Sony Entertainment.

Housemaque, the developers behind Resogun has openly stated that this is the first of many DLC to be released in the next two years. Housemaque said that they plan to make Resogun a video game that no one ever forgets and wants to revisit just like Zelda or the Super Mario Brothers. As of right now you can play this game on a Multiplayer Mode and Offline mode, downloading this potentially free downloadable content will allow for you to play the game locally as well.

Resogun is also a free game for Playstation Plus members meaning you just won’t get free downloadable content but you will also receive a free game that reminds you of classic games such as Asteroids or Video Pong.


Oculus Rift VR Grants Final Wish To Dying Woman

Roberta Fistenberg is an older woman who has been diagnosed with an incurable cancer. Mrs. Fistenberg had one final wish in this world and that final wish was to go outside once more. Enjoy the beauty of nature again before she would pass onwards into the other side.

The grandchildren of Roberta took it upon themselves to contact a Seattle based video game artist by the name of Priscilla. Priscilla sent the Fisternberg family a Oculus Rift Headset and a variety of different demos that they could try out. Eventually Roberta found herself enjoying the Google Street View Demo as this allowed for her to essentially walk throughout the world once again, wherever she wanted. The grandchildren said that she was able to visit many places from her past and it worked as a sense of therapy for her. Four weeks after receiving the headset Roberta got too weak to use the headset and passed on shortly thereafter.


Oculus Rift VR has openly said that they plan to use the headset to change the world. They want to be able to make people live and one of the best ways that they can do that is put them in a virtual world, allow them to experience things that once were not possible to them. The Oculus Rift will allow for users to enter a world filled with memories of the past, new worlds that could never be explained and so much more.

US National Fraternal Order

US National Fraternal Order Comes Out Against Online Gambling Ban

The US National Fraternal Order, a police organization that is operated in the USA has come out against a series of bills that would ban online gambling as a whole within the United States of America. They noted that by banning online gambling US citizens would be at risk.

US National Fraternal Order

The announcement was made through a publication on The Hill, an online newspaper. The President of FOP, Chuck Canterbury said that the goal for his organization is to protect the US Citizens by any means necessary. He also said that by banning online gambling US Citizens would be more of a risk.”
President Canterbury expressed the FOP’s position on these bills saying, “Currently one million Americans spent $3 Billion dollars at illegal online gambling casinos or related websites. Online gambling is a major demand that can bring in billions of dollars in tax revenue. One million Americans is just a small percentage of our total population, just imagine half of our citizens gambling online and bringing in tax revenues for the USA.”

Canterbury continued stating, “The black market for online gambling doesn’t offer any protection to the punters gambling. It operates offshore with unlicensed operates who can do whatever they please with the money or win or deposit. If online gambling is banned on a state and federal level, we will find a large portion of our citizens losing large amounts of money to these illegal casinos.”

“This wouldn’t be there fault either as the government will have banned online gambling and force them to gamble in an illegal manner. States like Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have proven that a mass amount of tax revenue can be brought in on through online gambling.”

Tornadough Gold Super Jackpot Triggered At Party Casino

One gambler was able to finish off their month on a positive note after they triggered a jackpot worth $103,226. This gambler was playing Tornadough, a unique video slot that resembles Farmville while at Party Casino when he triggered this jackpot.

Tornadough offers a unique gambling experience that truly cannot be matched by any other casino game in the world. Imagine Tornadough as a mixture of Bejewelled and Farmville, in order to trigger winning combinations you must match symbols as fast as you can and each symbol resembles something from a farm. This is the kind of casino game that exercises the players mind and it results for a thrilling gameplay experience. This slot features various features such as Wilds, Free Spins and Expanding Wilds.

Party Casino also took it upon themselves to make a statement pertaining towards this win saying, “Party Casino gets joy out of being able to write checks such as this one. We know that once that check is mailed out or handed to the punter in person, their lives are forever changed. We took it upon ourselves to contact the winning, he has said that he will use the money towards bettering the health of his father who currently is in the Hospital for cancer. The rest of the money that he doesn’t spent will be put into the bank for a rainy day, he will continue to work at his desk job”

You can play Tornadough by registering an account with Party Casino today.