US National Fraternal Order

US National Fraternal Order Comes Out Against Online Gambling Ban

The US National Fraternal Order, a police organization that is operated in the USA has come out against a series of bills that would ban online gambling as a whole within the United States of America. They noted that by banning online gambling US citizens would be at risk.

US National Fraternal Order

The announcement was made through a publication on The Hill, an online newspaper. The President of FOP, Chuck Canterbury said that the goal for his organization is to protect the US Citizens by any means necessary. He also said that by banning online gambling US Citizens would be more of a risk.”
President Canterbury expressed the FOP’s position on these bills saying, “Currently one million Americans spent $3 Billion dollars at illegal online gambling casinos or related websites. Online gambling is a major demand that can bring in billions of dollars in tax revenue. One million Americans is just a small percentage of our total population, just imagine half of our citizens gambling online and bringing in tax revenues for the USA.”

Canterbury continued stating, “The black market for online gambling doesn’t offer any protection to the punters gambling. It operates offshore with unlicensed operates who can do whatever they please with the money or win or deposit. If online gambling is banned on a state and federal level, we will find a large portion of our citizens losing large amounts of money to these illegal casinos.”

“This wouldn’t be there fault either as the government will have banned online gambling and force them to gamble in an illegal manner. States like Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have proven that a mass amount of tax revenue can be brought in on through online gambling.”

Tornadough Gold Super Jackpot Triggered At Party Casino

One gambler was able to finish off their month on a positive note after they triggered a jackpot worth $103,226. This gambler was playing Tornadough, a unique video slot that resembles Farmville while at Party Casino when he triggered this jackpot.

Tornadough offers a unique gambling experience that truly cannot be matched by any other casino game in the world. Imagine Tornadough as a mixture of Bejewelled and Farmville, in order to trigger winning combinations you must match symbols as fast as you can and each symbol resembles something from a farm. This is the kind of casino game that exercises the players mind and it results for a thrilling gameplay experience. This slot features various features such as Wilds, Free Spins and Expanding Wilds.

Party Casino also took it upon themselves to make a statement pertaining towards this win saying, “Party Casino gets joy out of being able to write checks such as this one. We know that once that check is mailed out or handed to the punter in person, their lives are forever changed. We took it upon ourselves to contact the winning, he has said that he will use the money towards bettering the health of his father who currently is in the Hospital for cancer. The rest of the money that he doesn’t spent will be put into the bank for a rainy day, he will continue to work at his desk job”

You can play Tornadough by registering an account with Party Casino today.

Disappointing Financial Results for Ladbrokes In 2013

Ladbrokes, the UK based gambling giant released their full year 2013 financial results. In these results you can notice that a pre-tax profit was down by 66% and that a drop in a total amount of profit of 26%.

The most concerning drop in profit for Ladbrokes was the decline of their digital division which went down by a total of 74%. This shows that the UK betting firm needs to once again provide an innovative experience in order to make their gambling services appealing to UK online punters.

The CEO for Ladbrokes, Richard Glynn, made a series of comments on his company’s performance saying “While the results for 2013 were lower than we expected and are a tad disappointing. We have now made it out goal to give our players a new and innovative experience throughout 2014. We are doing this in hopes that are fans who once played with us return.”

He continued on by saying, “We have made is clear that online gambling is one of the toughest industries to operate in. Our immediate focus as our right now is complete a series of games that will give our platform the boost in excitement that is needs. We will provide our players with special sports betting, casino, poker and table game bonuses when these new games are released.”

The final thing that Mr. Glynn noted was that due to certain circumstances the betting firm wasn’t able to release new games, make new content supply deals and offer an astonishing experience. This was due to the firm being kicked out of multiple industries as multiple countries in Europe are trying to legalize and regulate online gambling.”

Major Millions Jackpot Triggered and awards a win of $256,057

One very special online gambler was able to have an astonishing start to their week as they triggered a progressive jackpot while playing Major Millions, a Microgaming progressive video slot. This player in question was able to trigger a win of $256,057 earlier on this week.

No details have been released on this jackpot win. We can confirm to you that this jackpot took place fifteen hours ago and we can also confirm that this jackpot is considerably lower than the normal amount triggered. The reason for this is because not even one week ago another lucky punter triggered a jackpot on this video slot. This just confirms how often the Major Millions progressive jackpot is triggered.

When more updates are released on this jackpot win we will inform you. Inside sources have told us that the winner is a male and that he plans to spend the money that he has won on a vacation and paying off his Mortgage. This is by far the smartest way this punter could spend his money.

You can enjoy Major Millions at any online casino that offers the Microgaming platform. Microgaming has always remained as the number one software developer in the online gambling market. Each one of the casino games that they develop offers an exciting gameplay experience, profitable wins and beautiful visuals. This is the reason as to why so many online gamblers choose to play with Microgaming instead of any other software developer, the experience just simply cannot be beat.

Quickfire and Betfair sign Content Supply Deal

Betfair, a growing company in the online gaming industry is based in the UK. It operates as an online betting firm and has now announced that it has signed a deal with Quickfire. Quickfire is powered by Microgaming and the agreement between the two companies is about a content supply deal. This deal will ensure various mobile and casino solutions for all its online casinos.
Niki Longmuir, the product manager at BetFair commented about the content supply deal sealed between the two companies. He said that BetFair was really impressed due to the quality and volume of the content provided by Quickfire. In addition, he added that Quickfire is committed to delivering the best of the games on a regular basis.

Nici Longmuir also said that the games released by the Quickfire platform fit with the demography of the players in Betfair. Along with that, he said that it fit very well especially with the tablet and mobile offering, which consists of some of the best mobile games available in the market today. He concluded by saying that Quickfire would provide their quality content on a regular basis to meet the requirements of the customers and this would develop more as technology advanced.

Ashley Sandyford-Sykes, the head at Quickfire platform commented about this too. He said that Quickfire would work as the best addition for Betfair as the slot games, mobile games and branded content would definitely cater to a huge customer base. He concluded by saying that they are looking for a long relationship with each other.

iSoftBet releases branded slot named “24”

iSoftBet, an online slot gaming developer has contributed a lot to the online gaming industry. They have now confirmed that have released a slot for the television show called “24”, hosted in Fox

“24”, an exciting television show which focuses on the lead character is broadcast all around the world. Keifer Sutherland plays the main lead, named as Jack Bauer and he tries to foil the plans of terrorists in a span of 24 hours. The show is enough to keep viewers rooted to their seats, vying for more action.

This new slot released by iSoftbet consists of characters from the TV show. In addition, it will also display a footage of the most exciting and memorable scenes of the series. This will happen while the players try to play and win huge prizes.

Fox Consumer products’ Vice president of Interactive games, Mr. Michael Doyle commented on this by saying that this partnership with iSoftBet is unique and results in a nail-biting, action packed game that is recognized by fans all over the world. There are a lot of twists and turns in this game and players will notice that is familiar to the scenes in “24”. The next part of the series of 24 is coming up and is named as “24: Live Another Day” and players can’t wait enough to be a part of this awesome game.

Luci Apostolou, the sales manager at iSoftbet commented that the company has grown immensely huge in the past year due to its collection of such branded games and this new addition seems to be the strongest.

Politicican comments on the denial of gaming license for Pokerstars

A politician from New Jersey has made statements regarding the PokerStars E-Gaming License Application Denial. He came out saying that the denial for their operations in the garden state is justified by the criminal activity they have been known to be a part of and he also noted that he doubts the ban will be lifted regardless of who leaves the company.

Ralph Caputo was the Lawman who came out making these statement. He continued on by saying, “This is the best thing that New Jersey could have ever done as of right now. It shows that our legal online gambling won’t be filled with those who are known to operate in an illegal manner. We plan to enforce online gambling and anyone who we might find of suspicious activity will be stripped of their e-gaming license.

Mr. Caputo didn’t stop there. He continued on with “New Jersey is known for being rigorous in our laws, regardless if they are on the streets or online. We refuse to allow a company such as PokerStars into our garden state. We have gone through months of scrutiny to start legal online gambling in our state, we won’t have it ruined by this poker firm.”

Earlier in December PokerStars was denied their gambling license and aren’t allowed to apply for a license for another two years. It is unsure as to what PokerStars future holds in the USA.

Money Magic Jackpot Triggered, Player Wins $103,080

The Rival Gaming developed Money Magic Slot Machine has it’s jackpot triggered earlier on this month. A special player was lucky enough to trigger a $103,080 dollar jackpot while playing this slots.

The player, the casino and the details revolving around this new jackpot win are scarce to say the least. As always we will work hard on uncovering all of the details on this win. What we can tell you is that the player who landed on this jackpot was lucky enough to beat the average jackpot win for Money Magic. We have only recorded ten jackpot wins for this Rival Gaming slot but each win roughly lands around $90,000 to $100,000 dollars.

Every jackpot that is triggered always is scarce on the details when the jackpot is first won. The reason for this is because the player who won the jackpot wants to be able to get their lives in order and figure out what they’ll do with their money. After all this is said and done more information will be released on this big win.

Microgaming’s Poker Network Launches New System for Achievements

Microgaming Poker Firm is based out of Isle of Man and today they announced that they have released a new achievements system for their loyal players. This new achievements system will work much like a video game achievement system, players will be sent on certain goals and once achieved the players will be rewarded with a prize of some sorts.

This new system sends the players on a variety of tasks, the players will be recognized for their accomplishments and given some sort of prize. Some of the new achievements you’ll be able to play include:

- Pimp My Client, awarded when players customize the MPN Poker Client.
- Chatterbox, this is an achievement rewarded to players who socialize with the opponents at the table.
- Cliché Collector, this achievement goes to the player who collects iconic Hold’Em Hands in a series.
- All Rounder, players will have to try a variety of poker variants in order to achieve this achievement.

- Early Bird, Rewarded for players who start new tournaments or tables.

- Live Wire, awarded when players qualify for a live event visa the MPN.
Commenting on the launch of this new achievement system is the Head of Network Gaming at Microgaming and she said, “Poker isn’t simply about winning some easy cash. It’s also about the challenge of playing against other players, having fun with your friends and having a great experience at the same time. Our new achievements system will enhance every aspect of the poker experience.”

The Swaziland Gaming License gains Piggs Peaks Surrender

Casino Enterprises is known for their land and online casinos throughout the world. Today this massive gambling group surrender their gambling license to the Swaziland Government. The Swaziland Government decided to stop all interaction with Piggs Peak after they were found of breaking gambling laws in South America. Piggs Peak will stop operate else were in the world but today they have lost a huge part of their market.

Piggs Peak uses the Microgaming software and provided a large portion of the Swaziland/South African population with their gambling needs. This major blow to Piggs Peak just doesn’t effect this but it also effects the citizens of these countries as well.

Casino Enterprises choose to bail out of the South American gambling market because this was not the first issue they had experience in the continent. The gambling group has experience a variety of issues with the South African gambling laws. This eventually resulted in Casino Enterprises having to stop all of their betting services available in the country. South African and Swaziland players will still be able to gamble at a variety of other online casinos.

The Swaziland Government will now be able to take full control of the Casino Enterprises land based casinos. This of course will mean that the government will have to take on all of the costs. As it stands right now the gambling citizens of the country aren’t too pleased with their governments actions. It is unclear as to what will happen with these land based casinos.