Sky Betting and Epiphany Working Together on SEO

Epiphany Group and the UK Based Sky Betting and Gaming company shall work with one another on the search engine optimization for both of their companies. This will allow for the companies to reach better ranks of the variety of search engines available online must faster than if they were working alone. The deal is considerably in both their favors.

Epiphany will work hard to boost the revenues of the Sky Betting and Gaming’s different online casinos. In order to this though Epiphany will have to SEO the company rigorously around the clock. This will result in more money being made for Sky Betting and Gaming.

The director of Sky Betting and Gaming Richard Flint commented on this new deal saying, “Epiphany has demonstrated unique skills that would blend our goals of becoming higher in the ranks on the Search Engines and make us more money. This is why we choose to use Epiphany and we look forward to the future we share with the company”.

Rob Shaw who is the CEO of Epiphany has also commented on this deal saying, “Sports and Gaming has allowed for us to demonstrate the results we got from SEOing. We are pleased that Sky Betting and Gaming took us in and we look forward to our future together as companies”.

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