The head of legends gambling ring pleads guilty

The legends sports betting gambling rings kingpin just plead guilty to his charges of operating an illegal online sports betting ring. He pleaded guilty in the US Federal Court this weekend.

Phillip Gurian, age 52 has admitted to his crimes of operating an illegal sports betting gambling ring. He was one of the six people to be charged with operating this gambling ring. Mr. Gurian is said to be the man distributing the money from the illegal gambling ring. They used company Legends Sports in order to cover their illegal activities.

This was no small gambling ring at all. Phillip Gurian and his other associates generated more than one hundred and fifty thousand dollars per day. The profit they made everyday increased as their gambling ring became more popular. Mr. Gurian operated one of the largest illegal gambling rings known to the United States of America and due to his actions he will be put under house arrest, then he will be sentenced to jail. The amount of time that Mr. Gurian will spend is jail is still unknown at this point but as always we will continue to keep you updated on the case.

The other five members of the illegal gambling ring will also be put under house arrest until their sentencing. The rumors suggest that Mr. Gurian and his other associates will receive ten to fifteen years in jail for their actions. We can only hope that this case will be a major footstep in ending illegal gambling.

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