The Swaziland Gaming License gains Piggs Peaks Surrender

Casino Enterprises is known for their land and online casinos throughout the world. Today this massive gambling group surrender their gambling license to the Swaziland Government. The Swaziland Government decided to stop all interaction with Piggs Peak after they were found of breaking gambling laws in South America. Piggs Peak will stop operate else were in the world but today they have lost a huge part of their market.

Piggs Peak uses the Microgaming software and provided a large portion of the Swaziland/South African population with their gambling needs. This major blow to Piggs Peak just doesn’t effect this but it also effects the citizens of these countries as well.

Casino Enterprises choose to bail out of the South American gambling market because this was not the first issue they had experience in the continent. The gambling group has experience a variety of issues with the South African gambling laws. This eventually resulted in Casino Enterprises having to stop all of their betting services available in the country. South African and Swaziland players will still be able to gamble at a variety of other online casinos.

The Swaziland Government will now be able to take full control of the Casino Enterprises land based casinos. This of course will mean that the government will have to take on all of the costs. As it stands right now the gambling citizens of the country aren’t too pleased with their governments actions. It is unclear as to what will happen with these land based casinos.

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