Microgaming’s Poker Network Launches New System for Achievements

Microgaming Poker Firm is based out of Isle of Man and today they announced that they have released a new achievements system for their loyal players. This new achievements system will work much like a video game achievement system, players will be sent on certain goals and once achieved the players will be rewarded with a prize of some sorts.

This new system sends the players on a variety of tasks, the players will be recognized for their accomplishments and given some sort of prize. Some of the new achievements you’ll be able to play include:

– Pimp My Client, awarded when players customize the MPN Poker Client.
– Chatterbox, this is an achievement rewarded to players who socialize with the opponents at the table.
– Cliché Collector, this achievement goes to the player who collects iconic Hold’Em Hands in a series.
– All Rounder, players will have to try a variety of poker variants in order to achieve this achievement.

– Early Bird, Rewarded for players who start new tournaments or tables.

– Live Wire, awarded when players qualify for a live event visa the MPN.
Commenting on the launch of this new achievement system is the Head of Network Gaming at Microgaming and she said, “Poker isn’t simply about winning some easy cash. It’s also about the challenge of playing against other players, having fun with your friends and having a great experience at the same time. Our new achievements system will enhance every aspect of the poker experience.”

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