Money Magic Jackpot Triggered, Player Wins $103,080

The Rival Gaming developed Money Magic Slot Machine has it’s jackpot triggered earlier on this month. A special player was lucky enough to trigger a $103,080 dollar jackpot while playing this slots.

The player, the casino and the details revolving around this new jackpot win are scarce to say the least. As always we will work hard on uncovering all of the details on this win. What we can tell you is that the player who landed on this jackpot was lucky enough to beat the average jackpot win for Money Magic. We have only recorded ten jackpot wins for this Rival Gaming slot but each win roughly lands around $90,000 to $100,000 dollars.

Every jackpot that is triggered always is scarce on the details when the jackpot is first won. The reason for this is because the player who won the jackpot wants to be able to get their lives in order and figure out what they’ll do with their money. After all this is said and done more information will be released on this big win.

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