Politicican comments on the denial of gaming license for Pokerstars

A politician from New Jersey has made statements regarding the PokerStars E-Gaming License Application Denial. He came out saying that the denial for their operations in the garden state is justified by the criminal activity they have been known to be a part of and he also noted that he doubts the ban will be lifted regardless of who leaves the company.

Ralph Caputo was the Lawman who came out making these statement. He continued on by saying, “This is the best thing that New Jersey could have ever done as of right now. It shows that our legal online gambling won’t be filled with those who are known to operate in an illegal manner. We plan to enforce online gambling and anyone who we might find of suspicious activity will be stripped of their e-gaming license.

Mr. Caputo didn’t stop there. He continued on with “New Jersey is known for being rigorous in our laws, regardless if they are on the streets or online. We refuse to allow a company such as PokerStars into our garden state. We have gone through months of scrutiny to start legal online gambling in our state, we won’t have it ruined by this poker firm.”

Earlier in December PokerStars was denied their gambling license and aren’t allowed to apply for a license for another two years. It is unsure as to what PokerStars future holds in the USA.

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