Disappointing Financial Results for Ladbrokes In 2013

Ladbrokes, the UK based gambling giant released their full year 2013 financial results. In these results you can notice that a pre-tax profit was down by 66% and that a drop in a total amount of profit of 26%.

The most concerning drop in profit for Ladbrokes was the decline of their digital division which went down by a total of 74%. This shows that the UK betting firm needs to once again provide an innovative experience in order to make their gambling services appealing to UK online punters.

The CEO for Ladbrokes, Richard Glynn, made a series of comments on his company’s performance saying “While the results for 2013 were lower than we expected and are a tad disappointing. We have now made it out goal to give our players a new and innovative experience throughout 2014. We are doing this in hopes that are fans who once played with us return.”

He continued on by saying, “We have made is clear that online gambling is one of the toughest industries to operate in. Our immediate focus as our right now is complete a series of games that will give our platform the boost in excitement that is needs. We will provide our players with special sports betting, casino, poker and table game bonuses when these new games are released.”

The final thing that Mr. Glynn noted was that due to certain circumstances the betting firm wasn’t able to release new games, make new content supply deals and offer an astonishing experience. This was due to the firm being kicked out of multiple industries as multiple countries in Europe are trying to legalize and regulate online gambling.”

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