US National Fraternal Order Comes Out Against Online Gambling Ban

The US National Fraternal Order, a police organization that is operated in the USA has come out against a series of bills that would ban online gambling as a whole within the United States of America. They noted that by banning online gambling US citizens would be at risk.

US National Fraternal Order

The announcement was made through a publication on The Hill, an online newspaper. The President of FOP, Chuck Canterbury said that the goal for his organization is to protect the US Citizens by any means necessary. He also said that by banning online gambling US Citizens would be more of a risk.”
President Canterbury expressed the FOP’s position on these bills saying, “Currently one million Americans spent $3 Billion dollars at illegal online gambling casinos or related websites. Online gambling is a major demand that can bring in billions of dollars in tax revenue. One million Americans is just a small percentage of our total population, just imagine half of our citizens gambling online and bringing in tax revenues for the USA.”

Canterbury continued stating, “The black market for online gambling doesn’t offer any protection to the punters gambling. It operates offshore with unlicensed operates who can do whatever they please with the money or win or deposit. If online gambling is banned on a state and federal level, we will find a large portion of our citizens losing large amounts of money to these illegal casinos.”

“This wouldn’t be there fault either as the government will have banned online gambling and force them to gamble in an illegal manner. States like Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have proven that a mass amount of tax revenue can be brought in on through online gambling.”

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