Resogun Local Co-Op DLC

Resogun, a video game that is meant to be an homage to classic video games from the past such as “Asteroids” announced that they will be releasing downloadable content for local co-op. This means that you could be in your bedroom, load up the game and have your buddy in another room do the same thing. You will both be able to play in the same match and help one another defeat this incredibly hard game.


Those who are members of Playstation Plus which is recommended for the Playstation 4 have been able to get this downloadable content for free. The majority of users on the Playstation 4 are now Playstation Plus members which is a nice offering from Resogun developers and Sony Entertainment.

Housemaque, the developers behind Resogun has openly stated that this is the first of many DLC to be released in the next two years. Housemaque said that they plan to make Resogun a video game that no one ever forgets and wants to revisit just like Zelda or the Super Mario Brothers. As of right now you can play this game on a Multiplayer Mode and Offline mode, downloading this potentially free downloadable content will allow for you to play the game locally as well.

Resogun is also a free game for Playstation Plus members meaning you just won’t get free downloadable content but you will also receive a free game that reminds you of classic games such as Asteroids or Video Pong.

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