Bethesda Studios Experiences Minor Fire

The main branch of Bethesda Studios in New York caught fire today causing minor damage. This fire spread through one fourth of the building, burning equipment along with it. Bethesda Studios made this announcement at a saddening press conference, noting that a large amount of files they were using for Fallout 4 has been lost in the fire. This also means that Bethesda Studios has had to delay the came by a minimum of three months to a maximum of six months, this means that the new Fallout won’t be released till the end of 2015 which saddens hundreds of gamers all around the world.

Bethesda Studios

Bethesda made this announcement at 1 o’clock this afternoon saying, “Today a fire from a local apartment building spread to our offices. None of our employees were harmed in the process which we are extremely grateful for. Unfortunately we did lose a large portion of our equipment, the entire sector being used to create Fallout 4 was burned. We were able to retrieve half of the files we have developed while the other half have now been burned. This means that we will have to put Fallout 4 on delay for roughly three to six months, essentially the game won’t be released till the 2015 Holiday Season.”

Fallout 4 is actually being developed for New York City, providing a post apocalyptic world in the most busy city in the world. You will be able to see destroyed monuments such as the Empire State Building and The Statue of Liberty.

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