Live Nation and Betfair Team Up

Betfair, an online gambling provider famous for giving their punters some of the best gambling experiences available online revealed today that they’ve signed a deal with Live Nation. Live Nation is a US Entertainment firm located within the borders of New Jersey, they contacted Betfair in order to create a unique promotion.

Live Nation logo will now stand as the Live Nation official and exclusive online gaming partner. This means that New Jersey based Betfair punters will be able to earn special Ticketmaster or Live Nation Cash Vouchers. These vouchers in return would allow for players to purchase a ticket to a concert being held buy one of your favorite fans or you could purchase a ticket for a basketball game, soccer game, football game or more. It all depends on what you want to choose.

Don Ryan, the US Betfair Senior Vice President of Gaming took it upon himself to make a statement relating to this team up saying, “We are looking forward to working with Live Nation and Ticketmaster, they are two well known websites that allow for users to purchase tickets from their computer and print them off in a seconds notice. Using our software and special promotions we will be able to allow our punters to earn cash vouchers towards purchasing a ticket towards a football game or concert.

The rush of winning money can be an amazing thrill but seeing your favorite artist rip an outstanding guitar solo or seeing your favorite basketball player dunk a basket is a memory you’ll never forget.”

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