PariPlay Releasing New Slot

PariPlay is a relativity unknown software developer but one on the move. Even though they may be as established as others, they still provide an experience that can rival the competition. PariPlay announced today that they are releasing a new slot machine that is being designed around “The Three Stooges”. This information was revealed a day after PariPlay finalized a licensing deal with C3 Entertainment.

Pariplay logo

This particular Three Stooges slot will be designed around a specific three stooges short that is still famous today. That short is “Disorder In The Court”. This new slot is being designed as a 5 reel, 20 payline slot. This new game will offer free spins, scatters and two separate bonus rounds. PariPlay has openly said that they have designed this slot to be profitable for players.

Gili Lisani, the CEO of PariPlay commented on this licensing agreement to media officials saying, “The Three Stooges are still famous today, long after their deaths they have been able to inspire physical comedians and still brings laughs to an entire family. Creating a video slot based around one of their most famous shorts only makes sense. You will see Larry, Moe and Curly while playing this slot and you will also come across a variety of other things that you will recognize from the Disorder in the Court short. We look forward to developing more slot machines based around The Three Stooges in the future.”

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