Bahamas Legalize Online Gambling

There is a very good chance that gamblers who are located in the Bahamas will have a brand new experience coming their way. The Bahamas Minister of Legal Affairs has revealed that all of the consultations regarding the matter of legalizing online gambling in their country has nearly been accomplished as of right now. This means that within the next upcoming months legalized online gambling could be a reality in the Bahamas.


The announcement of online gambling progress within the Caribbean nation was revealed by Damian Gomez, the Minster of Legal Affairs for the Bahamas. He in his press conference revealed that negotiations have almost come to a close and that the Value Added Tax wouldn’t be nearly as high as it once previously thought it would be. There are still some issues regarding the specific tax amount as of right now, the issue of online gambling won’t be introduced to the Bahamas Parliament until the matter of the taxes have been resolved.

Those online operators who are looking to offer their online gambling services within the Bahamas will be required by law to house all of their gambling operations on the island itself. Those operators will also have to pay a specific licensing fee and have a certain level of liquid capital before they can operate in the island. Operators will still jump on the chance to operate within the Bahamas as it is a thriving country where their citizens rely on tourists to get paid and thus by have deep pocketbooks due to the high traffic of tourism.

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