NCPB Rolls Out Evaluation

Online Gambling, Mobile Gambling and Land Based Gambling can all become a serious addiction. The thought of winning a mass amount of money can become such a serious addiction that people start showing signs of addiction. Those people won’t accept help and it could potentially destroy relationships that mean the world to that person. That’s why the National Council of Problem Gambling has entered a partnership with the GIS. The NCPB and GIS will work alongside one another to ensure that any kind of online casino isn’t supporting these addictions and that the casinos are following the laws of the Internet Standards Act.


Both of these firms will have their own equal part in operating this evaluation service. NCPB will enforce any flaws they find with these online casinos while the GIS will use mystery punters to check if these casinos are following the laws enacted by the Internet Responsible Gambling Standards Act. These mystery punters will deposit until then win, withdrawal their winnings and also contact support services to ensure that these casinos follow by these laws.

Keith Whyte, executive director of NCPG, said, “We understand that many Internet gambling operators have responsible gaming policies in place that go beyond the state regulations. They will now have the opportunity to receive an independent assessment of their responsible gaming programs compared with NCPG’s Standards. We want established operators to sign up and become trailblazers for this initiative, demonstrating just how seriously they take player protection.”

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