Spin Genie Casino

The Bear Group, an internet betting group which owns multiple online casinos revealed that their latest online casino has been launched today. Players can now experience a variety of different gambling platforms through Spin Genie Casino. When you first load this casino you will find a cute dog, an ocean and an island where all of the gambling activity takes place.

Spin Genie Casino

Spin Genie has launched this casino with three different platforms. The first platform is Gaming Realm and it’s the first time that “The Bear Group” has ever used this platform with one of their casinos, it offers a total of thirty slots. Players will also be able to experience the Net Entertainment Platform and the IGT Platform. As we said before The Bear Group owns multiple casinos include Castle Jackpot & Total Gold. They have plenty of experience in offering an incredible gambling experience.

For those who sign up with Spin Genie Casino they will be rewarded with a $10 Welcome Bonus for free, no deposit required. Players can also expect fast payouts through this casino, multiple security protocols have been put in place so that players can play securely, you can play through mobile devices or your computer and there is twenty four hour customer support as well.

Spin Genie Casino will surely be one of the best online casinos to launch within the last two years. You can expect great things from Spin Genie Casino in the future that is a guarantee.

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