PlayOLG Issues

PlayOLG, the first legalized online casino available in Ontario, Canada is already having a series of issues upon its release date. The first main issue was for players trying to register an account with PlayOLG, there are geolocation issues with the casino as of right now and game errors as well. This being the first online casino of a regulated and licensed manner in Ontario, it shouldn’t be having any issues with the first week it has been available to Ontario citizens.


These problems were first reported by the Toronto City News who received a series of tweets leading them to forum posts from punters, these punters were claiming and complaining about the various issues with the casino. This caused players to have their enjoyment factor of online gambling tarnished by the number of issues plaguing this casino. Amongst the issues with a number of games not loading and geolocation issues for players in the province, there have also been issues with reaching a live chat or email support representative. Those trying to reach these representative’s stated that it would take up to an hour for them to reach someone.

The Spokesman for OLG hasn’t stated much regarding the matter, he noted that this registration process and verification process is robust. This comes off as a lazy excuse for OLG to get off with the issues right now until it is convenient for them to attend to these issues.

We will relay any new information announced or revealed regarding any of these issues being repaired within the upcoming weeks.

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