Virtual Reality Casino Launched by SlotsMillion

Online Casino “SlotsMillion” has announced that they are one of the first casinos to launch a virtual reality casino. This means that instead of clicking your mouse or touching your mobile devices screen, instead a set of goggles called the “Oculus Rift VR Goggles” will be placed onto a punters head, from there on in a virtual casino will be available to be experienced.


As of now SlotsMillion has revealed that players will be able to engage in more than forty different games via this virtual will. This app will be available in the form of a download to those who own an Oculus Rift headset. This casino operator has also revealed that depending on the rise of popularity there going to include more than just a virtual casino room. Instead they’ll add extravagant halls & various rooms, additional floors, virtual elevators, cocktail bars, restaurants and so much more. This could make for the first true land based casino experience via an internet/data connection.

The Co-Founder of SlotsMillion, Alexandre Tomic commented on this casinos launch says, “All of the problems that relate to virtual reality is that the masses have yet to enjoy its mind blowing experience. We hope our VR Casino brings thousands over to this new platform.”
SlotsMillion has also released a three hundred and sixty degree view of the new “SlotsMillion VR Casino” on their YouTube channel. Those wishing to gain more insight on what this casino is about can do so by watching that video.