€11 Million Being Put Into SkyBet for Expansion

Sky Betting & Gaming, an internet group that has been able to provide hundreds of jobs to those in the United Kingdom and provide countless punters with life altering wins has revealed that they’ll be putting €11 Million into business expansion this year. In return this expansion will create another two hundred years later on this year.

Sky Betting & Gaming

This major investment will have a large portion of it going into the production of a software academy, a commercial academy, a customer hub at the Leeds City Centre and more. The new jobs that’ll be created will be located within the realms of customer service and technology. There is also a potential of yet another hundred jobs being created if the budget allows for SkyBet to expand in the Sheffield Technology Hub. None the less those of Leeds & the United Kingdom are pleased by the fact that SkyBet is willing to increase jobs in their cities.

A large portion of this money will also be spent to promote the upcoming new expansion of SkyBet. These promotions rather they be on the Television, Internet or on the magazine stands it’ll surely allow for word to get out in a short period of time. The SkyBet CEO commented on this announcement saying, “Our business is performing at its best, we’ve decided to take a portion of our profits in order to re-expand into our business. This’ll significantly increase our facilities as well as allow for a minimum of two hundred jobs to be created. It’ll shine light on Leeds & the online gambling industry.”