Lucky Ace Poker Closing Its Doors

888 Poker, one of the largest online poker casinos in the globe has announced that they’ll be closing “Lucky Ace Poker” as of the end of this month. The last day of operation for Lucky Ace Poker will be on December 28th, 2015. Marking the end of a very short and unpopular lifespan.

Lucky Ace Poker

This product itself has had an incredibly short lifespan. This site launched in late January this year and serviced the European gambling market. 888 has revealed that player activity expectations at their new poker casino. Luckily though anyone whom did register with the casino will be pleased to hear that they are in no risk of losing out on an incredible gambling experience as 888 Poker has also announced that all those whom registered at Lucky Ace will be moved to 888Poker. This is a good thing as 888 provides the better experience of the two.

It’s been known for weeks that Lucky Ace Poker would be coming to an end soon. The website as on November, 2015 stopped allowing for new player registrations. The software was also only made accessible to those whom had registered before the 1st of November. The notice that this site could potentially be closing their doors as of the new year was also posted on the websites homepage on November 31st, 2015.

It’s unfortunate that this product wasn’t able to reach the levels of popularity that 888Poker had expected. Finding out what playing at Lucky Poker Ace is easy, all that’s needed is to register an account with 888Poker.