GSN Games Develops Real Money Tetris Game

GSN Games

Tetris is a game which remains solidified into global culture, it was one of the first video games to ever be created and since then it’s popularity has forever grown. There’s been more than a hundred iterations of this game, it’s been showcased in various movies dozens of times over and now for the first time ever it’ll be making its way to the gambling industry. Software developers, GSN Games announced today that they’ve inked a content deal which has secured their rights to develop social & real money games based around Tetris.

The first title which is currently available to be played is Tetris Burst. This first edition to what’ll surely become a major gambling franchise will allow for players to enter real money tournaments. These games are skilled based, the better players are at the mind tactics behind Tetris, the more money they shall win. This’ll also offer a unique & never before seen gambling experience on online casinos around the world.

The Senior Vice President of GSN Games revealed a statement alongside this announcement saying, “As Tetris has continued to grow for decades in popularity, with hundreds of millions of fans all around the world it’s an honour to have the rights to develop gambling games based around Tetris. We’re excited to see how our fans will react to what is to come, Tetris Burst is already being received with great reviews and we can only hope every other game we develop around Tetris will be just as praised.”

Anyone wanting to play this title must only find a casino licensing out the GSN Games platform.