Enjoying a Game of Roulette

The game of roulette, one which is explained at Wikipedia, is one that people place bets on numbers, colors or odds/evens and has been purely designed as an entertainment game. It only can about in later years that people started to gamble with roulette. Roulette requires a fair amount of knowledge, well that’s if you hoping to be successful, but once you got the basics the game is easy and you will be able to work out your own way of playing and betting.


With roulette there is no right or wrong way of betting, but obviously if you go and bet on all the numbers you will not win or lose, meaning there is no point of actually playing then. Most players have a certain method of betting, which has been worked out by themselves and tested. There is no one way of betting and winning ever single round, well not if you want to make a profit anyway.

With Roulette there bet requirements. You will receive your minimum bet, which will be the cost of a single chip. If the guy next to you is using $100 chips don’t pay attention to it. You are not required to even get chose to that amount. The most important thing with roulette is to have fun, especially when you are learning. Prior to beginning playing, take time to visit the likes of PokieCasino.com, this is a good resource for all areas of gambling and includes interesting articles about the differences between online and land based roulette titled Online Roulette – On Par with land based roulette.

Working out your strategy is something I can’t really help with. However, try playing corners first. This means 1 chip will cover 2 to 4 numbers at a time. Your winnings will be divided, but as long as you play less than 9 chips at a time you are set to win (if you have a bet on that number).

How betting works, well on a European table there are 36 numbers and 0. Should you place a bet on number 8 for example and no corners are played you will win 36 times you bet. If you place a bet between 7 and 8 (placing your chip on the line) and you hit either 7 or 8, you will win 18 times your bet. If you place a bet in the corner covering 4, 5, 7 and 8 you will win 9 times the bet if the winning number is any one of those 4 numbers. There are also many other ways to bet in roulette, but I think working out the numbers would be a good start.

So working out you strategy is very important, but like I said there is no right or wrong way to do this. Just start off with something you are comfortable with and adjust as needed. Always remember not to bet more than you can win. If you feel more confident in some areas, you can look at placing 2 coins on that number. This will give you double the winnings if that is the winning number.

The last thing to always do is set limits. Roulette can be a fast game and players get so focuses that they don’t realize how much money they have lost. Its important to limit yourself. Take only the money you can afford to lose, the rest of your cash and bank cards need to stay at home. This way you limit your loses. Do the same with winnings. A method I like to use is every $100.00 chip I win I take home, which means if I have won $600 in $100 chips I will not buy in again if I lose my playing chips.

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