Freeplay bonuses – the hard facts

Most players, especially new online players, tend to think that free play online casino bonuses do not exist and if they do, how does one go about it to play the games free. However, free play bonuses are offered by most online casinos and many may tend to wonder why online casinos would offer free money to players. Yes its true, free play bonus is free money awarded to players by the casino and they can use it to wager on any of the casino games and collect the winnings. Online casinos offer free play bonuses as a way of promoting their casino and attracting new players to come and play at the casino.

However, this freeplay bonus can only be cashed out when the bonus is cleared at which the playthrough and wagering requirements of the bonus varies from one casino to another.
With free play bonus, players are able to get a fortune out of nothing. However, casinos would not want to make a loss from these freeplay bonuses offered hence they would rather impose terms and conditions regarding these bonuses. The more you wager and win with the bonus is the more you are likely to clear the bonus.

How does one get to claim the free play bonus?

Free play bonuses are available free to all new players and all you have to do is register an account at any online casino and you will automatically be credited with free play bonus. This bonus can be used to wager on any of the games free and helps new players to learn more about the games. The only setback is that the free play bonus is available for a limited period of an hour or less depending on the casino and players would have to wager and win as much as they can within the stipulated period.

This type of bonus differs from other bonuses and promotions offered by the casino and free play bonuses tend to have more requirements than compared to all other bonuses. If you are searching for an online casino that offers free play bonuses you should be more concerned on the free time play offered rather than being concerned with the wagering requirements. Players can be allowed to withdraw their winnings as long as they reach a certain wagering requirement and players would have to play the games fast due to the light allotted.

Freeplay bonuses are your ticket to free money

Free play bonuses offered by the casino to attract new players tend not to be beneficial because players may find it difficult to clear the bonus but if given to existing players, this would be profitable. Most online casinos offer these types of bonuses and players do not have to make a deposit whatsoever so as to claim the bonus. Reputable online casinos would offer something free to its loyal players not only do they anticipate to lose much but they would know that the player will keep playing at that online casino.

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