Starting Tips for Casual Blackjack Player

Blackjack offers its players a test of their strategic skills. However, the casual players seem not to have much time on their hands to put hours into developing the complex arithmetical blackjack play. Keeping up with blackjack strategies can be a mammoth task, as these strategies needed to be adopted according to the blackjack variant or rules. There are many variants of blackjack thus one may need to devote of learning each variant, only to see that there are still more variants to adapt to. This article will help you adapt a game play that is practical regardless of the blackjack variant you are faced with.

Understand your dealer

The first point of call is to know that all dealers are not the same, they all have their own different game play. The 10’s and aces are the strongest cards that are dealer can hold, however cards higher than 7 are still regarded as strong cards 2. A dealer will on the other hand possess weak cards which are six, five, four, three and two from the weakest. If you are playing against a weak card, always bear in mind that the dealer has a higher chance of busting. This is put simply as, with hard hands go easy on the hitting and with soft hands, you should focus on doubling.

If the dealer has strong cards before you, you should only hit till you reach 17 or rather hit when your hand is soft till you reach 18. But, if with an eleven, you may double if the dealer has any strong card and not an ace. Again, you may double with 10 against the dealer with 7, eight or nine total. The whole point in blackjack is to ensure that you beat the dealer and not just worrying about not busting. The best way to beat the dealer is reaching the highest card count without busting.

Manage your chip stack

If you are a regular blackjack player, then you need to make sure that your bankroll management is water tight. This will involve splitting your online gambling money allocation into a number of 100 parts and betting these at different time and not at once. Thus if you have $300, you should bet $0.50 or $1 bets. This will mean that you are betting large enough to enable good returns on your bets whilst also making sure that you are playing low enough so as not to out swing your bankroll.
Blackjack board
These blackjack tips enable you to make sure that you enjoy blackjack play as a casual player. You may not be aware of the complex strategies of the different rules or variants but rather your play will ensure that you will not hat blackjack. Most people hate blackjack simply because they have not been able to apply the basics to the game. Applying the above playing tips will lower the edge of the house and thereby giving you better wining chances. Certainly this is the way to go before you can think of reading the arithmetical blackjack play articles.

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