Which is the better jackpot for you

At some point, players will get to select any of the progressive jackpot slots offered as a way of trying out their luck to win the massive jackpots. Progressive slots offers jackpots with very high payouts and players have an opportunity of triggering more than $1 million and this could be a great fortune of a life time. However, there are several online progressive slots available and players would have to select one that suits your playing style as well as your betting limits.

Progressive slots designed for High Rollers

There are progressive slots designed specifically for high rollers whilst others are designed for penny pushers but this is not the main important aspect that players would have to look at when searching for the best slot game. The progressive slots vary from one online casinos to another and all are triggered differently. For instance, when looking at Real-time Gaming progressive slots, these are triggered at random during game play whilst others are triggered by special icons but the majority of its progressive slots are awarded at random

Playtech slots award progressive jackpots known as the marvel progressive jackpots that come in four levels and also triggered at random and also suing special symbols. Microgaming and other software would offer progressive jackpots triggered by special icons and these can only be triggered when playing on max bet. Overall, when comparing one software manufacturer with another, it’s up to you as a player to decide which the best jackpot slot is suited for you.

From my opinions, players should not be misled in selecting a game due to its high payouts but you need to understand the game as well as knowing the features offered by the game. A slot game may offer high jackpots but these can be limited whereby another slot may offer low jackpots but offers a variety of payouts. Therefore, you may find it profitable to select a slot game that offers multi payouts since the likelihood of hitting a payout become greater disregard to whether is low or high payout.

Some players would prefer the random progressive jackpots that are triggered at random during game at but looking at the other side, you would have to ask yourself, ‘does the game offer interesting features’. Good jackpots can be offered during the bonus feature games.

The most important factor to remember

Another important factor to consider is the betting limits offered by the slot game. A good slot game offering good jackpots should suit all type of players at which you should be able to get a favourable return from any wager. However, most top jackpots are triggered on max bet but the game should also award a significant number of coins that are profitable when playing on less max bet.

Selecting good jackpot slots can be a lot easier if you are to search for slots that offer a variety of payouts as well as offering several gaming features. You should also look at the slots that offer gaming features such as the wild multipliers, and scatter multipliers at which multipliers can certainly boost your winnings.


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